Recycle Southern stock a wide range of Recycled and Primary Aggregates at our depots in Bognor and Littlehampton, which are available for collection or delivery.  We have several ways to deliver aggregate:

Bulk Bags

Small tipper (delivered loose, max load 2 tonnes)

Grab Lorry (Material can be either grabbed off, or tipped – up to 17 tonne loads)

Tipper Truck (Large Loads – up to 20 tonne – Material will be tipped off)

We also have an extensive supplier network, enabling us to collect and deliver all non-stocked aggregates in bulk loads, direct from approved quarries and processing plants at competitive rates.


Products Stocked

The following most commonly used aggregates are kept in stock and are available for collection, or delivery (minimum charge applicable).

4-10mm Shingle / Gravel – Also referred to as Pea Shingle. A mixture of rounded and angular gravel, varying in colour and shape dependent on source. Used in construction and domestic applications such as footpaths, pipe bedding, drainage, planting borders and hard landscaping.

10-20mm Shingle / Gravel – An effective driveway gravel also used for footpaths, pipe bedding, drainage, planting borders, hard landscaping and as a low maintenance alternative to grass. It can also vary in colour and shape dependant on source.

Sharp Sand / Grit – A rough, graded sand with a higher percentage of larger grain sizes. This makes it more commonly used in gardens as it’s coarse open structure allows moisture movement from area to area.

Building Sand – Also known as soft sand due to its fine rounded particles and clay content. Typical use is to produce mortar for bricklaying and block work. These sands are supplied from various sources and care should be taken in matching existing colours.

Type 1 Limestone MOT – Sized from 40mm down to dust, mainly used as a bulk fill, a levelling material and as a sub-base for paths, ponds, drives, sheds, patios and construction jobs.

2-6mm Limestone Aquaflow (SUDS) – Limestone chippings from 2mm to 6mm.  Can be used as a bedding layer for permeable paving, or ideal to use as a decorative material for gardens, paths, or topping off pots and planters.

4-20mm Limestone Aquaflow (SUDS) – Limestone chippings from 4mm to 20mm, with no fines.  Ideal to use as a permeable sub-base, or the base layer for any foundation, and the 2-6mm Limestone can be used as a top permeable layer. The larger stones act as a filter, allowing the water to seep slowly into the ground.

0-20mm All-in Ballast – A mixture of Sharp Sand and 20mm gravel for use in standard concrete mixes. Widely used in construction and domestic applications. 20mm Ballast is not suitable for drainage due to its high fines content.

Track Ballast – A granite based product, ideal as a deep sub-base / general fill. A great alternative to 6F5 – less fines, hence more permable. Cheaper than Primary Aggregates.

6F5 Recycled Aggregate – This product is derived from construction waste hardcore, and is also referred to as Crusher Run. Typically used as a general bulk fill material, for backfill, trench fill, piling mats, capping sub formations prior to laying Type 1 or Type 2 sub-base, haul roads. Well graded material ranging from 100mm to dust.

Type 1 Recycled Aggregate – A crushed and graded material derived from 6F5 (above), but graded from 40mm down to dust, – used for backfill, trenchfill, oversite, and capping of 6F5.

40/100mm Recycled Aggregate – Derived from 6F5, this material has typically had all fines removed, leaving a larger bulking material, graded at 100mm down to 40mm.

General Purpose Cement – A versatile cement that is perfect for general use – suitable for concreting, mortar, screeding. In 25k bags (brand names may vary).

Post Mix / Post Crete – Our Premier Postmix is perfect for setting fence posts with no mixing required and with rapid setting in 5-10 minutes it’s ideal for any cement based job.  In 20kg bags (brand names may vary).

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