Made from strong woven plastic fabrics, our Bags can hold waste up to 1 cubic yard in size, or 1 tonne in weight. It’s the same size of bag that you’d usually have a tonne of gravel or sand delivered in.

We accept waste from Home DIY projects, House Clearances, Garden refuse, Junk from your Garage, Loft or cellar, Debris from refurbishments, construction and demolition waste from renovations – and welcome trade and domestic customers.

*NOTE: Plasterboard waste is only accepted in a separate bag.

Once your bag is full, please call us and we will collect within 3-5 working days. Please ensure that your Bag is left no more than 3 metres (13ft.) away from the roadside and avoid placing the Bag where there are overhead cables, trees or close to structures and vehicles.

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£54.99 plus VAT

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Green Waste

£59.99 plus VAT

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Mixed Waste

£69.99 plus VAT

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£129.99 plus VAT

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Once you receive your bag, open it out fully and position the Bag before you start to fill it. You may not be able to move it later and any attempt to do so might result in you injuring yourself. You should not place your Bag on public highways, pavements or verges without obtaining prior permission to do so from your local authority. Bags placed on the driveway are the most accessible and will speed up the collection process.

***Please note that the bags are designed for the disposal of ordinary household, garden and builders waste only. Please do not place anything in your Bag that is Hazardous or Toxic. Items such as Asbestos, Car Oil, Tyres, Tins of paint, Dirty Nappies, Animal Faeces, Underlay, Felt, Food Waste, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Medical Waste, Pesticides, Chemical Waste & Solvents.